Schoolchildren took part in a video project competition in English

The results of the annual competition of video projects in a foreign language among students of educational institutions of the Republic of Karelia and the city of Petrozavodsk have been summed up.
The competition was organized by the staff of the Resource Center for Modern Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages ​​I.E. Abramova and E.P. Shishmolina and took place from March 10 to April 10 with the informational support of interdistrict resource centers in Petrozavodsk (director and coordinator of the MRRC Tatiana Semyonovna Ternovskaya) and in Segezha (director Elena Yurievna Guseva).

The purpose of the competition is to motivate schoolchildren to in-depth study and use of a foreign language outside the classroom, to stimulate the individual creative abilities and leadership qualities of the participants, to form their teamwork skills, and to develop the skills of monologue and dialogical speech in English.

The competition was attended by collective and individual projects of educational institutions of Prionezhsky, Olonetsky, Segezhsky districts, as well as schools in Petrozavodsk. The jury noted the high level of the submitted works, the creative approach of the authors to the embodiment of their ideas, as well as the skill of the actors who were able to convey their thoughts to the audience in a foreign language.

Experts highly appreciated the genre and content diversity of the competition works in 2021. The director’s findings in Jacques’ monologue “The whole world is a theater, and all the people in it are actors” from the second act of the comedy “As you like it” by V. Shakespeare gave the audience aesthetic pleasure and made reflect on philosophical topics.

The project dedicated to the history and traditions of the native land, as well as the popularization of the national dish – gates as one of the symbols of Karelia, not only immersed everyone in the atmosphere of the life of a Karelian village, but also presented a master class on cooking gates. The psychological film about a little girl with a difficult fate touches upon the problems of relationships between parents and children, as well as between peers, emphasizes the importance of support and love for children, which help them overcome difficulties and complexes, are the key to the future success of children.

The topic “We stand for peace” aroused interest among the participants. The projects dedicated to the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War tell about the school museum, about the monument to the nurses of the Karelian Front, draw attention to the patriotic education of students, and call to remember those who died for a future happy life.

The following works became the winners of the final round in their nominations:

Nomination “Stage the Classics”:

project All the World’s a Stage , authors – Karina Chernyakova, Alena Ivanova, Vladislav Zhernova, Katya Khludova, Yulia Minina, Ulyana Kondratyeva, Anna Panshina, Ekaterina Yunacheva, 10 “B” class of secondary school No. 1 in Olonets (teacher L. S Oinonen).
Nomination “We are for Peace”:

The Great Patriotic War School Museum project , author Pyotr Savin, 11th grade student of the Padanskaya Secondary School (teacher NI Tarasova);
project Heroic Nurses of the Karelian Front , author Victoria Arsentieva, GAPOU RK “Northern College”, Segezha (teachers A.K. Kordyukova, A.O.Boitsova, E.Yu. Guseva).
Nomination “Keeping the traditions of the native land”:

project Kalitki as the symbol of Karelia , authors Ilona Artamonova, Maria Shilinskaya, Yan Bobrik, Erik Shishkin, grade 8, Petrovsky Palace (project leaders IB Podgayskaya, class teacher of grade 8; AA Savelyeva, teacher of additional education; I.V. Polishchuk, English teacher).
Nomination “Feature Films”:

Project Josie’s story , the authors Alina Lykov, Anna Chernova Maria Pazhlakova Venus Molokovsky, 8 “B” class MBOU “Grammar school №17 named PO Corgan” (leaders LK Chernova, an English teacher, LA Vostryakov.
My Future nomination:

Career choice project , author Anastasia Pashkova, 8 “B” class, MCOU “Secondary School No. 1 in Olonets” (supervisor NV Smirnova).
The organizers of the competition thank all the participants and their leaders and wish them further success.

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