Schools and Colleges reopen – ADYPU preps to equip to cater to e-smart students


New Delhi: After a long gap of 18 months students studying behind the screens from the closed doors of their homes will finally get to step out and resume school and offline classes. Pandemic forced students to study online and which came with its pros and cons. With this major responsibility has fallen upon schools and colleges to resume with complete COVID safety guidelines and protocols.

On this, ADYPU’s Chairman, Dr. Ajeenkya DY Patil added “It is a pleasure to welcome our students back. This has been an uncertain and difficult time for them. I’m encouraged to see that parents are also enthusiastic about children returning to school and are supportive of it. Our main objective is to ensure a smooth transition by creating a safe and welcoming environment. All Covid guidelines have been followed and we are prepared to open the gates. Getting back to school, routines, and peers is essential for students.”

Addressing parent’s concerns Dr. Patil further adds “We understand parents are concerned about safety protocols, so being transparent about cases and responses is very important. Make sure those measures are communicated and that there is a contingency plan in place. Parents understand how important it is for their children to return to class, and we are doing everything we can to ensure they are confident about sending their children to school again.”

This will be a time for exploring new learning methods with an amalgamation of online and physical learning methods and study how this can further evolve for both students and institutes.