Scrap Melodies: A scrap metal musical brought together by fusion of engineering and art

Bengaluru: Atria University team, with student volunteers, has crafted a massive ‘Scrap Metal Music Installation.’ This unique musical instrument is made of antique discards like industrial sewing machines, grinding motors, discarded beam, pipes and among others.

The musical installation is created from scratch and is designed to play a shorter version of the Indian national anthem. A portion of the installation also includes the state bird of Karnataka and Telangana, the Indian Roller, holding the mallet playing the national anthem.

Tejesvi Chakravarthy, one of the team members, said, “We took a month to ideate and build this musical carousel. The instrument produces more than 80 notes from materials assembled from the junkyard. The primary inspiration behind this idea has been the xylophone.”

John Karamchand, another team member, said that they were inspired to play the national anthem because it resonated perfectly with this culturally diverse team. Presumably, this installation promotes national integrity, unity and brotherhood among the citizens of India, he added.

The core team, Joel, Karthik, Sendhil and Sylvester, brought together expertise in music, sculpting, and engineering to create this one-of-its-kind installation. Sylvester noted, “This installation is designed and crafted by a team of 15 student volunteers coming from a plethora of backgrounds ranging from computer science, mechanical engineering, and electronics, with interests in music and sculpting as well. We are proud to see the project take shape and it is now set to be presented at Maker Faire, Hyderabad.”

Kaushik Raju, Director, Atria University, lauded this project as a wonderful illustration of the university’s mission to promote and cultivate interdisciplinary vitality and project-based learning.

The installation is currently at the Atria campus in Bengaluru and will be presented at the Hyderabad edition of Maker Faire 2019. MakerFaire is an event organised to celebrate art, craft and engineering. The event will take place on 10 November 2019 at HITEX exhibition grounds, Hyderabad.