Screening of films on Raja Ram Mohan Roy by Films Division to mark 249th Birth Anniversary celebrations

New Delhi: Films Division is joining the nation in paying tribute to the great social reformer and ‘Father of Indian Renaissance’, Raja Ram Mohan Roy on his 249th Birth Anniversary on 22nd May, 2021 by screening documentary films focusing on his life and seminal contributions in building a modern India. The films will be streamed on Films Division Website and YouTube channel throughout the day.

The package of films include Raja Ram Mohan Roy (20 Mins/Eng/ 1984 / P.C.Sharma) – a biopic on Roy, his pivotal role in founding Brahma Samaj which played an important role in reforming and modernizing Indian society and Roy’s heroic fight against social evils like Sati, India’s Sturggle for Freedom: Writing off the Raj (23 Mins/Eng/ 1985 / B.D.Garga) – a film on the role played by press, including the Bengali weekly, Sambad Kaumudi published and edited by Raja Ram Mohan Roy, in India’s freedom struggle and When the Waves Come (21 Mins / Eng/ 1986 / S. Krishnaswamy) – portraying important role played by social reformers like Ram Mohan Roy in banning cruel practices like Sati and fighting for right of women to re-marry and hold property.

The films will be streamed free on and click @ “Documentary of the Week” and for 24 hours starting from the midnight of 21st May, 2021.