Screenplay, cinematography and production design are the three most important aspects of good film making: Priyadarsan

New Delhi: At the ongoing 50th edition of International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, the Chairperson of the Feature Films Jury of Indian Panorama Shri Priyadarshan Nair along with fellow jury members Smt Sreelekha Mukherji, Shri Harish Bhimani and Shri Vinod Ganatra and Smt Aarti Shrivastava and Shri Ronel Haobam, Jury members of Non-Feature Films Section participated in a press conference today.

Opening the press conference, Chairperson Priyadarshan Nair said that the jury found a huge deterioration in the quality of realistic film makers in India. “It was a difficult task but not that difficult as we thought. Viewing 314 movies in 30 days is a lot of work but we enjoyed watching such a variety of films from across the states. Tomorrow’s film makers have done a great job. But it has been seen that when content is good, quality might be bad and vice versa. We are happy that we don’t have to go through much controversy regarding the selection of movies this time”, he said.

In a word of advice to the new film-makers, Shri Priyadarshan said that screenplay, cinematography and production design are the three most important aspects of good film making. “During our days it was difficult to get behind a camera. Today everyone carry one camera in their pocket. In everyone’s mind there is a film. They are all making what they have it in mind. But training is missing in those people. Lot of filed work is missing. Lot of sparks can be found in the youngsters. Acquiring training and fieldwork will help to make better films”, he added.

All the jury members described the festival as an opportunity for new filmmakers to showcase their ideas. Shri Vinod Ganatra said, technology is helping filmmakers from all regions, even remote parts of India to reach out to a larger audience. “Everyone getting a national platform is a great thing”, he said. “We saw some extraordinary films”, Shri Harish Bhimani added.

Smt Aarti Shrivastava said more funds are needed to support and celebrate the short films and the documentary filmmakers.

IFFI-2019 is showcasing films from all over the globe and Indian Panorama is a flagship section of IFFI, which showcases the best 26 contemporary Indian Feature and 15 Non Feature Films over the years.

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