SDGs Impact Summit to Take Place on 15th – 16th November 2019, Taj Palace Hotel New Delhi, India

New Delhi: Global social impact enterprise The World We Want (WWW) and the global business intelligence initiative part of India’s largest media conglomerate, The Times Group, Times Strategic Solutions Limited, have announced the inaugural The Economic Times SDGs Impact Summit. Convening 500+ global delegates across government, media, activists, celebrities, industry leaders, civil society, NGOs, young advocates, corporates and the private sector committed to achieving
the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, the Summit will take place across 15th -16th November at the Taj Palace Hotel, Delhi. The 17 SDGs were first established at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 by 193 world leaders, with a commitment to ending global poverty, reducing inequalities and tackling climate change by 2030.

Through Plenary and SpeedTalk sessions, Hackathons, and other impactful activities, delegates will participate in a transformative day of deliberation and debate as the world’s most influential changemakers converge to utilise the power of cross-sector, cross-continental collaboration.
The Summit will consist of four key thematic areas which will form the basis of discussions, including – People, Prosperity, Planet and Partnerships.
India, as the second most populous country holding nearly 1/7th of the total human race, and worlds youngest population, naturally identifies as a critical player in the efforts to achieving the SDGs – hence its role as the inaugural host of the India SDGs Summit.
The World We Want is Founded by Natasha Mudhar, an SDGs campaigner and advocate, who was also appointed India Director of Project Everyone, an organisation co-founded by filmmaker Richard Curtis to launch and popularise the SDGs when they were launched in September 2015, to 1.3bn people in India. Speaking ahead of the global announcement for The Economic Times SDGs Impact Summit, Natasha said: “Currently, the discourse surrounding achieving the SDGs has been predominantly hosted by the West, which has somewhat limited the offering of the Global South. Without support and engagement from the South, the achievement of the SDGs will not be possible.
“We are living in an era by which the resources to ensure the sustainable future of our planet and human race are available. Yet these resources cannot be fully utilised until we explore the  true potential of cross-sector collaboration, where the North meets South, East meets West, private sector meets public, business meets government, innovation meets investment and entrepreneur meets activist. The Summit will provide an interactive stage to the international rule breakers, problem solvers, storytellers, thought shapers and renegades with a cause who are committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and will unlock unimaginable possibilities between the Global North and South. The vision behind this Summit is to become the blueprint and facilitator for change as we move into the final decade of delivery
from 2020.”