Second Fortunatov Readings in Karelia

A national (with international participation) scientific conference “The Second Fortunatov Readings in Karelia” has started at PetrSU.
This year the conference will be held online on the Zoom platform.

The initiative to hold the conference at PetrSU is the Department of the Russian Language of the Institute of Philology.

The conference is dedicated to the creative heritage of the outstanding Russian linguist, head of the Moscow neogrammatic school Philip Fedorovich Fortunatov (1848-1914) and his reception in modern linguistic science, whose life and work are closely connected with the Karelian land.

The choice of the topic of the conference is due to the need, on the threshold of the 21st century, to sum up some of the results of many years of studies in grammar and comparative studies, the history of research.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee – Natalya Viktorovna Patroeva , Doctor of Philology, Prof., Head. Department of the Russian language of PetrSU. Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee – Lebedev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich , Ph.D. in Philology, Art. Lecturer at the Department of Russian Language, PetrSU.

It is planned to discuss the following topics:

The scientific heritage of F.F. Fortunatova and actual problems of modern linguistics.
Comparative and typological linguistics.
The evolution of the Slavic languages ​​and the history of the Russian literary language.
Orthoepy, word formation and morphology: problems and prospects of study, the latest trends in Russian speech.
Syntax of the Russian language.
Communication theory. Medialinguistics. Linguoculturology.
The evolution of the Slavic languages ​​and the history of the Russian literary language.
Problems of lexicology and lexicography.
The conference will continue on June 3-4. The program of the scientific conference “Second Fortunatov Readings in Karelia” can be found here .