Seeing explosive growth, voice AI company, Skit looks to hire 1000 people in the year 2022

Bengaluru : Leading Voice AI company, Skit, said that it will hire 1000 employees in the coming year, its highest so far, across diverse roles and dynamic skill-sets for strategic business and technical expansion. The company is now gearing up to meet the ever-growing demand for executing projects as it develops its team to cater to global enterprise customers and solve contact center queries for a wider demographic.


Since inception, the company has strengthened its workforce by over 6x to over 200 employees, and has built a strong partner ecosystem covering multiple industries such as banking, insurance, ecommerce, consumer durables, travel & hospitality, logistics, among others to support its growing revenue and customer-base. Currently, the company is hiring for positions including key senior appointments across product, engineering, revenue, marketing, board appointments, human resources and growth teams. Additionally, Skit plans to onboard CXO roles for Product, Marketing and Delivery to further solidify its leadership rung.


While ensuring scheduled appraisals, bonuses and promotions for the present employees, Skit is now targeting to hire aggressively across three primary markets including, the US, Southeast Asia and India. Having recently raised a Series B round of USD 23 million, Skit has resolved to further entrench its voice solutions in current as well as more mature and receptive markets such as the United States.


“Our product, VIVA, being backed with over 10 million hours of training data and the ability to sense underlying emotions and intent, has been engineered to confront the nuances and unique requirements of the contemporary landscape. With the aim to scale the company by 10x in the coming year, our priority is to first augment our Sales, Delivery and Tech teams who will be at the forefront of Skit’s explosive growth trajectory. We are currently investing in skilled and talented individuals who will drive this success and innovate to build an ecosystem of natural man and machine conversations, creating a world where voice interfaces are the primary ones,” said Sourabh Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of Skit.


In the US and Southeast Asian markets, the company will focus on bolstering Sales and Marketing roles, along with filling niche requirements for high-quality data annotation. However, the majority of the hiring will happen in India, including both technical and business aspects, for lateral and fresh candidates, in product, marketing, sales, machine learning, engineering, delivery, data annotation, HR/recruitment and CXO roles.


As of September 2021, Skit’s total fundraise is USD 30 million. The global contact center market size is expected to grow steadily and reach a value of 496 billion US dollars by 2027. The company aims to further accelerate this growth, using voice tech innovation to personalize caller engagements and deliver up to 60% cost reduction by offering a voice-first experience.


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