Seekruit launches its tech-led recruitment process aggregator platform to bolster India’s HR industry

New Delhi:, India’s first recruitment process aggregator platform is set to disrupt the HR industry with the launch of its tech-intensive hiring and skilling platform. The new-age multi-party aggregator platform puts employers in touch with pre-assessed candidates to eliminate the inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the traditional recruitment process.Besides connecting multiple entities – including employers, candidates, assessors etc. – involved in the recruitment process, Seekruit is also pioneering various innovative concepts. These include Digital Employment Exchange(DEX), Marketing Employment Exchange (MARKEX), Telecalling Employment Exchange (TELEX) and Regional Employment Exchange (REX).

Seekruit aims to open 3,000branchesacross India to make its platform accessible to candidates from across all tiers and regions, thereby removing commuting hassles for candidates appearing for interviews. Simplifying the hiring process, DEX facilitates digital video CV recording and job role assessment for candidates across India, while REX operates at the state level to assess candidates interviews as per the job role. TELEX ensures that candidates reach the Digital Employment Exchange for job role assessment and interviews, whereas MARKEX is a client acquisition team that operates at a city level to bring in and service new clients.

In the traditional hiring process, an effective assessment mechanism is absent between the time recruiters pull out CVs from online sites and schedule interviews. Seekruit’s platform addresses this gap by allowing employers to post about a job requirement with interview questions. This replaces the reliance on paper-based CVs with a more authentic and transparent facility of video CVs.Going beyond the conventional hiring methods, Seekruit enables both the assessment and the selection of the candidate on the same platform. The competitive advantage of being the first of its kind in the Indian market makesSeekruit well-equipped to deliver unique and quality-driven value to all its stakeholders, be it the employers or the candidates.

“There is currently, no way to filter authentic CVs with the copy-paste or insincere material,” Sachin Kapoor, Founder and CEO, commented.“Besides the employers, job-seekers to face certain challenges when looking for the right job for their skill-sets. Less experienced candidates are often stranded in the dark when it comes to getting their skills accurately assessed.”

“With the pandemic-led shift to digital connectivity platforms, the dependence on online resources and contact-less hiring has grown phenomenally, providing Seekruit with a limitless white space to disrupt. Its tech-led platforms aligned with this growing demand for innovative hiring and assessment tools. They are designed to cater to the mass hiring needs across all industries and will enable employers to filter the right candidates in a manner that is not only faster and smarter but also seamless and more precise,” he added.

Building on its existing facility of video CVs, the platform is working to launch a virtual reality (VR) platform for enabling superior, more authentic, and immersive, experience during interviews. With branches across multiple regions, Seekruithas plans to expand its portfolio with more such innovative solutions, allowing candidates touse experiential technology to skill themselves and become key drivers of organizational growth. The ultimate aim is to provide the right fitment, i.e., quality job at the right time for candidates and quality candidates for the employer at the right time.