Seminar cum poster presentation on ‘Anatomy of Liver’ organised in GMC Rajouri

RAJOURI: A student seminar cum poster presentation on the ‘Anatomy of the Liver’ was today organized by the Department of Anatomy Government Medical College Rajouri.

The event was held under the guidance of Principal GMC Rajouri & AH Dr Brij Mohan Gupta for the First year MBBS students.

The participants of the seminar enlightened the audience about the gross anatomy of the liver and its clinical aspect.

Principal Sir GMC Rajouri highlighted the need for such academic activities for all-around development and awareness of the students and also made the students aware of the need to save our liver amidst the rising liver diseases in the population.

The seminar was followed by a display of posters made by the students and were judged by panel of three faculty members comprising Dr Javaid Iqbal (Associate Professor HOD Paediatrics ), Dr Meenakshi Khajuria ( Assistant Professor HOD Pathology ), Dr Kanishtha Sharma (Assistant Professor HOD Microbiology).

The seminar was also attended by faculty members of Anatomy. Dr Seema Sharma ( 1 / CHOD ), Dr Sunanda Raina ( Professor ), Dr Ritu Slathia ( Assistant Professor ) along with demonstrators and technical staff. Certificates and prizes were distributed to all the participants after the seminar.