Seminar on the results of students’ scientific work

The department of German and French languages ​​hosted the first scientific event in the new year – a seminar based on the results of students’ scientific work.
The scientific seminar consisted of two parts: in the first half, the results of research related to the German language were heard, and in the second – with the French.

Students presented research carried out in a very wide thematic spectrum in a wide variety of areas of linguistics: theoretical linguistics, cultural linguistics, communicative linguistics, marketing linguistics. The topic of coronavirus, which is reflected in all languages ​​of the world, has also become a source of linguistic research for students. Many works were related to corpus linguistics or based on German and French-speaking corpuses: 6 reports related to this topic, since it is one of the main scientific directions of the KNiFYa activity.

The defense was held at a high level, in the mode of lively and interesting discussions. All participants showed high literacy, cognitive activity and research independence. Scientific advisers: Ph.D., Assoc. N.I. Tocco, Ph.D., Assoc. S.R. Nedbaylik, Ph.D., Assoc. I.A. Kotyurova, Ph.D., Assoc. E.N. Vorotilin, Art. lecturer ON. Leushina, as well as Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Department of Linguistics and PKIA of the Ural Federal University Yu.V. Epiphany praised the research conducted by the students.

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