Kokernag: A one day seminar with the theme ‘Women in Leadership: Problems and Prospects’ was today organized at Govt Degree College Kokernag, here.

The programme was jointly organised by the Department of Sociology of the college, Womens Grievance Cell and College Debates and Seminar Committee.

Among others, speakers from both administrative and academic backgrounds namely Shahzana Andrabi, Assistant Professor, Centre for International Relations IUST, Shamma Roohi, DFO, Social Forestry, Anantnag and Shafaq Muzaffar, Research Scholar, Department of English, University of Kashmir delivered lectures on the topic with a special focus on its contemporary relevance.

The speakers highlighted the challenges that women face in performing leadership roles especially in patriarchal settings.

Shafaq in her lecture said that women who constitute half of the population, represent a valuable human resource and play an important role in development of society and the nation. She said women have proved themselves as better leaders in situations of crisis such as Covid-19 and deserve acknowledgement and equal opportunities free from stigma, stereotyping and violence.

She also called for creation of a conducive and sustainable environment for womenfolk in all fields wherein they are provided and guaranteed equal rights and opportunities with full dignity and peaceful living.

The speakers also challenged the practice of questioning and taking the opinions and decisions of women for-granted. They quoted this as being an important factor for the dearth of women as leaders and heads of states.

All the speakers agreed that women have to come forward to bring change in themselves that will lead and catalyse the larger change in society and the nation.