Seniority and RPG Life Sciences Launch SafeSeniors – India’s First COVID-19 Risk Monitoring Tool for Senior Citizens

New Delhi: While the world continues to fight the battle against COVID-19, the rising number of cases being reported in India has been a matter of huge concern for the citizens, healthcare authorities and the Government. Senior Citizens have been found to be more vulnerable to this deadly virus. With close to 120 million seniors in the country, the stakes are manifold.

Seniority and RPG Life Sciences have joined hands for a social cause to launch “SafeSeniors”, a unique predictive analysis tool designed to especially help early identification of Covid 19 risk amongst the elderly. The tool has been developed in consultation with the leading experts in the areas of Infectious Diseases, Community Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology and Covid-19 management.

Elaborating the key benefits of “SafeSeniors”, Yugal Sikri, Managing Director, RPG Life Sciences and Ayush Agrawal & Tapan Mishra, Co-founders of Seniority said,

“The SafeSeniors tool has been especially developed to help in early identification of Covid-19 risk amongst senior citizens. Seniors and their dear ones are encouraged to enter their vital parameters, pre-existing medical conditions, travel & social exposure history and key symptoms such as fever, dry cough etc. on a daily basis. With just a few clicks, SafeSeniors monitors health on a progressive basis. Equipped with a robust algorithm and dynamic tech capabilities, the app can analyze millions of data on a real-time basis and alerts the seniors and their dear ones of the Covid-19 risk levels and seek adequate treatment before the disease spirals out of control.

Available in 12 languages with a simple user interface, the solution will also help governments and healthcare authorities to reach masses, allocate medical resources and reduce the burden on already stretched healthcare infrastructure and authorities, doctors and paramedics. The tool has evoked keen interest amongst healthcare professionals and government authorities”