Seventh joint project of FIOP and PetrSU

FIOP supported the training of personnel for the nanotechnology direction in radiophotonics.
At Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU), with the support of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (FIEP) of the RUSNANO group, they have completed the development of a training program for specialists engaged in the design and production of radio photonics element base with nanoscale components. In February 2021, training for a pilot group of OKB-Planeta employees (Veliky Novgorod) will begin, which acted as the customer and industrial partner of the educational project. The new program has become the seventh joint project of FIOP and PetrSU.

The need to train the personnel of Russian radio electronics enterprises is explained by the inevitability of their modernization in connection with the transition to a nanoscale scale of the element base, which is used, in particular, to create domestic super-powerful electronic computers (computers) capable of working with high-speed communication lines with information transfer volumes of up to tens, hundreds, and even thousands of gigabytes per second. The direction is considered by experts to be extremely promising. Many people believe that the introduction of integrated optoelectronic and photonic devices will become ubiquitous, as they create fundamentally new ways of transmitting, storing and processing information.

The training course lasting 246 hours is intended for three categories of specialists: engineers-researchers of the component base of radio-photonic devices and systems; design engineers of radio-photonic devices and systems; and process engineers engaged in the production of the component base of radiophotonics. The program consists of several educational modules. “Such an approach to the organization of training, on the one hand, allows us to make it more individualized and effective, and on the other, it makes it possible to achieve all the learning outcomes declared in the program,” Igor Rozhdestvensky said in the expert opinion from the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies of Peter the Great St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. The program is carried out at a high professional level and will allow students to develop competencies and skills that are unique for qualified specialists in Russia, says Alexander Grishin , professor at the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology .

The educational program is available not only for specialized enterprises wishing to improve the professional level of their employees. It is also a contribution to the growth of the competencies of the university itself and its students. The University invites its faculty, staff and masters of engineering to take part in the training in the framework of the pilot group. To enroll in the program, you should contact the department of scientific and educational programs of the Nanocenter of PetrSU.

The educational projects implemented with the participation of the fund have become a key resource for the development of the university and long-term cooperation with business, says Natalya Ershova , head of the scientific and educational programs department of the Nanocenter of PetrSU . During this time, four basic departments were opened at enterprises, in the interests of which training was conducted. Thanks to the acquired competencies, industrial partners have introduced technologies that give a significant economic effect, or have started to release new products. “This is an excellent tool for interaction with industrial partners, and it is the Fund’s programs that make it possible to form such points of growth,” noted Natalya Ershova in the journal Educational Policy.

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