Sh. Ajay Tamta, MoS, Textiles unveils EMBiQ Wellness program for garment workers

New Delhi: In a bid to introduce best global practices and technological up-gradations in the embroidery sector, Sh. Ajay Tamta, Minister of State for Textiles, along with Sh. HKL Magu, Chairman AEPC and Sh. Sudhir Dhingra, Chairman Orient Craft Ltd, unveiled a unique wellness program aimed at the overall development of the workers employed in the sector. The move is expected to bring relief to almost 45 million people.

In India, after agriculture, textile is the largest employment provider. While the sector has been facing stiff competitions from its SE Asian neighbors, the embroidery segment still remains India’s forte. Despite the prevalent world status, the sector has been experiencing new difficulties, largely due to technological obsolesce and fatigued workforce. There is a dire need to bring in new methodologies to arrest this fall.

Taking this into consideration, EMBiQ commissioned an expert panel to conduct an in-depth study of the varied working conditions and associated health risks of all departments of the apparel industry. Following their recommendations, a unique EMBiQ wellness program was designed. Some of the highlights include the following.

One, it is a comprehensive program covering lifestyle changes, nutrition, yoga and exercises, which can be followed easily to overcome the health issues faced by the workers in the sector, specifically, while performing their job-role.

Two, a well researched diet plan has been tabulated which is both effective and affordable.

Three, it includes safety guidelines aimed at avoiding accidents in each function.

Four, keeping in mind the immediate need of a wellness module, it has also been decided to make it available to all workers for free. It is a token of gratitude for their immense contribution towards developing the embroidery sector.

In times when the apparel and textile industry has been facing stiff competition, the focus must always be on out-of-the-box thinking for improving efficiency and productivity. EMBiQ wellness module is a step in that direction.

“What EMBiQ has offered is unique in the industry. The programs have not been offered by any existing institute. If we have to make our industry grow, we have to invest in training & development. Any issues that the garment experts have regarding GST & duty draw backs, will be addressed by the government very soon” – Shri Ajay Tamta, MOS Textile

“Apparel industry is the biggest employment generator in the country with computer embrodiery being its forte. It is imperative that the vision EMBiQ has shared and quickly implemented across the industry. It is the tool that can help the Indian apparel expert face the challenge it is facing today”- Shri HKL Magu, Chairman AEPC
“At EMBiQ our vision is to empower the apparel industry with the Power of Knowledge by bridging the gap through technical and management education which has been neglected so far in the embroidery domain” – Vikas Kapoor, Cofounder.