Sharda University and MESC (Media and Entertainment Skills Council) Organized Webinar on “HoloSuit”

Delhi: Educational Institutes/Universities shut down, examinations postpone, and students & teachers are confined to their homes, leading to everything moving to online in the age of COVID-19. Sharda University, one of the largest State Private Universities in North India with 63 acres of the sprawling campus has started a series of Webinars for students and as well as for faculty to enrich the subject expertise and minimize the disruption in the academic schedule. They are inviting experts from different verticals to share industry experiences and educate students and organizing webinars across schools.

Under this initiative, Sharda University, School of Media, Film, and Entertainment along with MESC (under the aegis of MHRD, Govt. of India) jointly conducted a webinar on the topic ‘HoloSuit based Augmented and Virtual Reality Techniques for Entertainment and Gaming’ with the renowned speaker Mr. Harshavardhana Kikkeri, CEO, HoloSuit Pvt Ltd via Vidyadaan platform. Over 175 academicians and students were part of this interesting and an interactive session.

Mr Kikkeri has over 19 years of experience working on IoT, augmented/virtual reality, aerial and ground robots with expertise in drones, sensor fusion and machine learning. He did his pioneering research at Microsoft Robotics in USA – building robots that could learn by demonstration. He also won numerous leadership awards and founded HoloSuit Pvt. Ltd in 2016. It provides a full immersion sensor and feedback packed tracksuit which allows the users to point, touch and feel 3D objects helping in creating 4D immersive experiences. HoloSuit is the World’s first affordable, bi-directional, wireless and easy to use full-body motion capture suit.

Mr. Harshavardhana Kikkeri, CEO, HoloSuit Pvt Ltd said “The vision of HoloSuit is to hire a million to skill the billion. The aim of virtual and augmented reality is to provide practical education to innovators so that the major problems in the world can be resolved. There are lot of job opportunities for animators in this field. Ms Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of Finance of India while proposing Budget 2019 also said that AI, VR, Robotics and other skills to be trained to Indian youth for high paying jobs”.

“In the current world what is real and what is virtual cannot be differentiated by the audience, so we need to understand how virtual and augmented reality is beneficial in different fields like medical, engineering, education, military, fashion and sports etc and with its human approach it can change the world. This technology is affordable and will be available in almost one dollar in a month in next 10 years”, he further added

Prof. (Dr.) Ritu S.Sood, Dean, School of Media, Film and Entertainment at Sharda University “We thank Mr. Kikkeri who took time out from his busy schedule, It was surely an interesting and knowledgeable session which provided an excellent opportunity to young minds to understand this emerging field. We are happy to organize such activities which Unravel queries and Infuses positive attitude among participants”, he said.

Dr. Amit Chawla, HOD & Associate Professor, School of Media, Film and Entertainment at Sharda University moderated the entire session to make it more interactive and informative.