Sharda University commences its Media Fest “Media Mela 2k19” with Great Zeal and Enthusiasm

New Delhi: The Department of Mass Communication under the School of Art, Design Media Studies (SCADMS), Sharda University, Greater Noida commenced its 5th Media Mela 2019 with lots of zeal and energy. The theme for this year’s Media Mela is ‘Peace and Harmony’, promoting the inner communitarian in all of us. Keeping in mind the coming-up general elections of 2019, the university is also promoting the ideals of a Free and Fair Elections, amongst the youth. A ‘Blood Donation Drive’ will be conducted to help contribute back to the community. A number of guests and fun-filled events were welcomed at ‘Media Mela 2k19’

The ‘Media Mela’ was inaugurated by famous and versatile Radio Jockey and the “Mirchi Murga” fame, RJ Naved. Hon. Chancellor Mr. P.K. Gupta, Hon. Vice Chancellor Prof. G.R.C. Reddy and Dean Prof. R.M. Mehra, Dept. mass communication blessed the event with their presence. National film awardee and prominent documentary filmmaker, ‘Sh. Anwar Jamal’ and a famous Indian, pre-dominantly Bollywood, film maker, ‘Pavan Kumar Chauhan’ also graced the occasion

Eminent invitees and other participants were quite ecstatic when they had the chance to witness the magnificent photo exhibition arena set up by the students of Sharda University. All the students, teaching fraternity and notable guests were met with awe when the event sprang into action with the highlight of the day – The Photo Exhibition.

A Documentary screening ‘Dil ki Basti Mein’ by Sh. Anwar Jamal took place in the Auditorium which was followed up by inquisitive minds with a discussion being thrown open to the floor.

The documentary was followed up by a ‘Film screening’, ‘Ekees Tareekh Shubh Mahurat’ by eminent screening which was also welcoming of the questions that came its way.

The students were very enthusiastic in the run around of the days’ events. ‘Media Mela 2k19’ also witnessed a huge number of participation across all its competitions and platforms of opportunity, to reach out and express themselves, from prominent universities and colleges. The youth were celebrating the notion of genuine elections and were making merry under the tagline of ‘Don’t be a loser, be a voter’

The second day of the fest is much awaited with a plethora of media-related events and competitions lined up to make sure that everybody present can revel and enjoy in this shared passion for journalistic profession and endeavours.