ShareChat 2018 Year End Report ‘Telugu’: The year when content in regional languages saw an all-time high


Hyderabad: ShareChat, India’s #1 regional social media platform today, released ‘ShareChat 2018 Year End Report- Telugu’. The report talks about the key trends and topics that created conversations amongst over 4 million ShareChat Telugu users in 2018.

2018 witnessed first time internet users joining the social media bandwagon with the availability of social media in their regional languages and participated actively in contributing to user generated content in native languages. The year 2018 epitomized user-generated content in regional Indian languages well and truly coming into its own, with over 35 million posts in formats spanning images, videos, gifs according to findings from ShareChat’s Year End Report- Telugu.

Men ruled social media in Telugu

In Telugu, men dominated when it comes to joining the platform and generating content. The report also found that male users were spending more time on ShareChat as compared to their counterparts. The report states that 78% of the posts are created by men.

Most talked about topics in 2018

A thorough analysis on hashtags that trended on ShareChat Telugu revealed, that regional language Internet users, though many of them might be first time Internet users are creating content around local and national events thus generating enormous amount of user generated content. Interestingly, politics as a genre in Telugu language led a lot of post creations all through the year. The most talked about topics in 2018 ShareChat Telugu were:

Titli cyclone
Sri Devi’s death
Justice for Asifa
Telangana Elections
Special Status for AP
Text-in-images still a favorite

Contrary to common belief that videos are the most consumed format of content, regional language internet users have been found to be using text in images format, revealed ShareChat Year End Report. While, videos in regional languages are witnessing an upswing, text behind backgrounds are the most preferred content format for creation and consumption.

“With people being able to access social media in their regional languages, user generated content is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. These would be content created by common people in towns and cities capturing real time events and happenings around them for the people around them. Advanced camera technologies and machine learning will act as catalyst that will swell up UGC which will outgrow studio content”, says Ankush Sachdeva, CEO, ShareChat.

He further added, “Regional language usage has upped the UGC game in the market and we will soon see many content in Indian dialects spoken amongst certain communities becoming mainstream and popular. Another shift we expect is the way e-commerce has been happening in India. In order to tap local consumers, e-commerce will become hyperlocal with small shops starting to think of online presence using social media.”

India high on love and broken hearts

While the most talked topics on ShareChat has been social and natural calamities, the top content genre when it comes to consumption remains Love and Relationships. From broken hearts Shayaris to love quotes and poems, ShareChat witnesses’ lakhs of such content on a daily basis.