Shipway, a D2C enabler, launches the self-service returns and refunds management system for e-commerce brands

Shipway, one of the leading e-commerce enablers, has launched the end to returns & refunds management system for the eCommerce brands. With this, eCommerce brands can now process their returns & exchanges in an automated and more efficient way. Enabling them to reduce the refunds TAT from almost 10-15 days to 1-2 day, increase repeat purchase along with LTV growth.

Gaurav Gupta, Co-founder, Shipway, said, “Managing and processing returns is an area where all the departments need to be in sync and customers also prefer to have DIY dashboards from placing their request to tracking their returns. With Shipway’s returns management, brands can seamlessly and efficiently process their returns/refunds.

Most of the eCommerce stores are manually processing their returns and it consumes a lot of time & manpower, sometimes taking weeks of time to process the returns or refunds, resulting in unhappy customers.

Turning a long 15 days return cycle into a day can be a game-changer in the D2C space and can help brands retain their loyal customers. Consumers are going to get a seamless CoD/Prepaid refund experience. An instant, hassle-free refund/exchange experience, combined with consistent and accurate communication to the customer is going to be a breakthrough and a way forward” Said Mr Gupta.

Shipway, backed by Indiamart, is an eCommerce automation platform founded by Mr. Gaurav Gupta and Mr. Vikas Garg in 2015.

It aims at automating all the post purchase workflows to help D2C brands scale and deliver a top notch customer experience, enabling them to build a growth engine by positive word of mouth along with customer retention.  It offers services like Fulfillment automation, RTO fraud prevention, tracking and notifications, NDR Followups, and returns & refund automation.

Shipway is helping process 4mn+ orders every month and is working with brands like Peesafe, Bareanatomy, Bluestone, Marks & Spencer, Moglix, Birkenstock etc.