Shiv Nadar School Students Showcase Technology Innovations to Address Real World Issues

Noida: Grade 10 students of Shiv Nadar School (a not-for-profit initiative of the Shiv Nadar Foundation in K12 education) showcased their innovative technology projects at Colloquium 2018, today. The winner for this year’s competition was Team Silverlane from Shiv Nadar School Noida that comprised students — Romsha Singh, Arvind Raja, Archisha Arun, Shoumya Barua, Rishit Dhyani and Aaryaman Singha. The team developed first of its kind walker-cum-stepper for senior citizens to enable them to climb and descent stairs unassisted. The annual conference provides a platform to students, who work on a year-long tech project to solve a real-world problem.

The competition follows a two-tier selection process, where student projects are first scrutinized by a sub-jury, followed by a presentation and interaction with an external jury who judge the efficacy and viability of the projects. While a total of 15 projects from both Shiv Nadar School, Noida and Gurugram were presented to the sub-jury, only seven made it to the final jury round. The external jury comprised Deep Kalra, Founder, Chairman and CEO, MakeMyTrip; Rajiv Makhni, India’s Tech Guru and Managing Editor of Technology, NDTV and Vineet Nayar, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Sampark Foundation.

Col. Gopal Karunakarn, CEO Shiv Nadar School said, “Shiv Nadar School follows an experiential pedagogy and integrates learnings from its technology program. The annual technology event- Colloquium acts as a platform where students of grade X are able to showcase critical thinking, integrated learning, Communication skills and market understanding into a project based solution to a line problem facing society.”

Apart from the winning project, the other innovations showcased at this year’s Colloquium included:

1. Eatabowl – Provided an alternative to plastic disposables in the food industry. The students made edible sporks and bio-degradable cups. The spork is a hybrid between a spoon and a fork. The sporks are made by baking a mixture of flour and water. The cup has a seed and fertilizer embedded at the bottom.

2. Posture Perfect – A devise that helps in early detection of incorrect sitting posture in modern workspaces. They have built an intelligent system that uses a camera to calculate and collect the user’s posture data while they work on their machines to determine and suggest postural improvements.

3. MoodBox – Reduce the stress levels of teachers under 180 seconds by making them play a game in the staff room using brainwaves. The team designed a game that requires users to consciously generate more Delta Waves as part of its gameplay to unconsciously relax themselves.

4. Enkindle –A block-chain based eco-system designed to ensure timely and righteous payments supply chain management in the agricultural sector.

6. ZILEO – Creation of a device for electronically masking noise for schools and hospitals through dynamic usage of white noise.

7. Sophros –The students have designed an organic air purification unit which also acts as an aesthetic indoor air cleaning device. The device involves a unique usage of dust to filter particulate matter along with usage of plants and moisture sensors for constant oxygen supply and filtration of gases and VOCs while keeping them hydrated automatically.