Shiv Nadar Schools Celebrates the Joy of Sharing Week

Noida: Shiv Nadar School (a not-for-profit initiative of the Shiv Nadar Foundation in K12 private education) is celebrating the fifth edition of the “Joy of Sharing Week” – an initiative which aims to engage students from all grades in acts of giving and sharing. It marks the Founder’s Week celebrations at school. The week is observed to inculcate values of respect and compassion, along with making students sensitive to the larger community they are a part of, so that they grow up in to responsible and conscientious citizens. The celebrations, which started on July 10, 2017 at the Noida and Faridabad schools, concluded last Friday. In Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon, the festival will begin today, and culminate a week later, on July 22.

This year, a total of 3500 students from the three Shiv Nadar Schools participated in the various activities as part of the week. They collected recyclable material and turned it into gifts for peers and teachers, and served the support staff with sandwiches and juices they made in school. Students took the initiative to clean their own utensils after having lunch, as well as dusting and cleaning their classrooms. Teachers held discussions with students on values like caring, sharing, kindness and compassion. Also, 20 children from Rama Foundation (a not-for-profit committed towards improving the lives of the domestic workers’ children) attended a music session hosted at the school and spent time interacting with the pre-primary students.

Col Gopal Karunakaran, CEO, Shiv Nadar Schools, witnessing the students’ response towards the initiative said, “Joy of Sharing week is an opportunity for us to inculcate human values in our students. It is the time they learn to make gifts for their peers, and experience the inherent joy contained in the act of sharing. Here, they also show sensitivity and gratitude towards the school support staff, who are constantly engaged in making the school hygienic and secure for them. In today’s competitive and impersonal world, we need to help students be more compassionate and grateful for the privileges accorded to them. This is a small step in that direction.”

Starting today, students from Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon will help raise funds to buy household provisions for over 70 poor families who lost their homes and belongings in a devastating fire in the Gwal Pahari slum area earlier this June.