Shiv Nadar University Chennai Opens Ph.D. Admissions for Monsoon Session, 2022-23

Introduces a new specialization in English with a scope to do research either in English Literature or in English Language Teaching (ELT) for the Ph.D. Program in Science and Humanities Application registration deadline is June 17, 2022

Chennai Shiv Nadar University Chennai, the third initiative in higher education by Shiv Nadar Foundation, has opened admissions for its Ph.D. programs in Engineering, Commerce, Economics, Mathematics, Physics and Interdisciplinary Research. This year, the University has also introduced a Ph.D. program in English where the scholars can either specialize in English Literature or English Language Teaching (ELT). The University offers a wide range of specializations for the Ph.D. programs including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Speech Technology, Data Science, Biometrics, Mergers and Acquisitions, and more. Further details on research programs are available at –

The thrust areas of research in English Literature and English Language Teaching (ELT) at Shiv Nadar University Chennai are a response to the global shifts that are being witnessed across academia. The research scholars in English Literature would be encouraged to study not only the literary texts of the West but also any literary texts written anywhere in the world in English, including the ones that are written in Indian English.  Similarly, ELT researchers would look at how English is learnt in a multilingual India and theorize in ways that are relevant to the Indian contexts than blindly adhering to Western language learning theories.

In addition to the full-time and part-time doctoral offering, the University will also offer a much sought-after ‘Direct Ph.D.’ in Engineering for budding researchers to pursue doctoral programs immediately after completing their bachelor’s degree in engineering. Direct Ph.D. would allow talented students to save nearly a year compared to those who go for a two-year Master’s degree program followed by a Ph.D. program.  


Doctoral Research Offered by Shiv Nadar University Chennai 


Researchers pursuing a Full-Time Ph.D. at the University will receive free shared accommodation within the campus along with a monthly stipend of Rs. 20,000 as well as a contingency amount of Rs. 25,000 per annum to help them expand and support their research activities. The University will extend a special consideration for married scholars who will be able to pursue their research in comfort with the on-campus accommodation provided by the University for a nominal rent. 


Further, the Part-Time Ph.D. option can be availed by candidates working as full-time faculty with educational institutions or in research laboratories, full time working professionals from relevant industry within India. The part-time program will offer these candidates a prospect to further their research through access to cutting-edge research facilities and lab equipment within the Shiv Nadar University Chennai.  


Admission Procedure and eligibility criteria  

Interested research aspirants will be required to submit their application online latest by 17th June 2022 at The admissions procedure will follow a two-step selection process, including a written test followed by an interview for short-listed candidates. Admission to the University is open to students who are Indian residents, Non-Resident Indians, Persons of International Origin as well as Foreign Nationals.