Shiv Nadar University Launches School of Extended Education and Professional Development (SEEPD)

Noida: Shiv Nadar University today announced the launch of School of Extended Education and Professional Development (SEEPD), marking its foray into executive education by offering a world class line-up of programs and certification workshops. The School will be led by Dr. Shubhro Sen, who is also the Director of the School of Management and Entrepreneurship at Shiv Nadar University.
SEEPD has been launched with the mission of enabling ‘lifetime learning’ by harnessing the very best of Shiv Nadar University’s rich intellectual resources. It will offer the best-in-class knowledge, practices and skill development programs to an ecosystem of learners and leaders, both within and outside the University.
Shiv Nadar University has planned six open programs as part of the School’s 2017 calendar:
·         Workshop on Cyber Security with KPMG – Preventing Attacks and Securing Businesses in February and August
·         Workshop on Digital Maturity Assessment with Scott Klososky and Sanjay Vatsa in February and August
·         Workshop on Winning Competitive Strategies for the Digital Era with Prof. Mohan Subramaniam in March and September
·         Workshop on Creativity and Innovation Management with Michael Gelb in March and September
·         Workshop on Managing Diversity for Superior Performance with Howard Ross in April and October
·         Entrepreneurial Leadership Bootcamp with Dr. Shubhro Sen and CEOs/leaders of multiple successful start-ups in November
In collaboration with the School of Management and Entrepreneurship, SEEPD also announced three innovative and high value degree programs specially engineered for industry, government and social sector participants: the iGlobal Corporate MBA program; the Advanced Management Program [AMP], Executive MBA joint program; and the Masters in Financial Management [MFM] program for CA, CMA and CFA aspirants.
Announcing the launch, Professor Rupamanjari Ghosh, the Vice-Chancellor of the Shiv Nadar University said, “We at the Shiv Nadar University constantly strive to widen the scope of our offerings through critically designed educational programs for both students and working professionals. In today’s constantly evolving corporate landscape, professionals need to upskill and reskill all the time to stay relevant to the industry’s demands. The School of Extended Education and Professional Development will cater to that section specifically and help further bridge the industry-skill gap.”
About Shiv Nadar University
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