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Manya Bhatnagar, a 15-year-old Grade 10 student from VIBGYOR High Lucknow has written and published two fiction books while pursuing her studies and other interests. Manya Bhatnagar achieved quite an extraordinary feat amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she became a published author with not one, but two, books. Her second book since the schools pivoted to distance learning in March last year is launched this month. The book, titled Shivpuri’s Ghost, has been released on Pencil, a self-publishing platform, and is available on Amazon and Google Books.

Like many children, Manya has always been intrigued by horror stories, and has grown up reading a lot of them. But it wasn’t till the pandemic, that she decided to write one herself. The story of Shivpuri’s Ghost is inspired by tales that her grandfather narrated to her at their ancestral home in Lucknow. It is a thrilling story based in Shivpuri, a locality in the city, that is claimed to be haunted by a lady ghost. Four children, Parul, Mohit, Shalu and Neeshu, strive to solve the mystery of Shivpuri’s Ghost and save their families from her.

Earlier, Manya had written a book called The Mystery of Rang Bhavan, which was released through Pothi, another self-publishing platform, in March 2020. The story revolves around three brothers who stumble upon a mysterious door that holds many secrets behind it. They set out on an adventure to unlock it, while also unearthing a gang of child traffickers.

Synopsis of her book :-

Ghosts and spirits have intrigued and unnerved people throughout the ages, and even though countless people all over the world have claimed sightings of supernatural beings, no one has really found any concrete proof of their existence. In this thrilling story set in Shivpuri, four children decide to search for evidence of the ghost of a beautiful lady who lived there centuries ago, and whose wrath, locals claim, has caused the place to go from a cheerful, bustling area to one steeped in gloominess. The story features four young protagonists who have just moved into their ancestral mansion and discovered that their families are being haunted by Shivpuri’s Ghost. Fearing for their safety, the children decide to get to the bottom of this mystery. Follow them as they encounter dangerous, life-threatening situations with just their wit and bravery to rely on. Is there any truth to the myth, or are our young heroes facing something entirely different?


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