Shri Ram College of Commerce hosted 16th Bizstreet


New Delhi: Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi hosted the 16th annual fest of the Commerce Society- Bizstreet 2019. Spread over a span of two days 31st January and 1st February 2019, the enthralling fest had witness the convergence of top notch personalities from diverse backgrounds.

Speaking on the inaugural ceremony, MR. ASHWANI LOHANI, the chief guest and the Former Chairman, Indian Railway Board said “If u decide, u will get it. .and for that u need to start with energy and excellence. Management is Managing Man , money and materials in a defined time frame and desired objectives. But u need to aspire beyond management and. Manager will talk about small things but a leader will aspire to change perspectives and organisation, so my dear kids aspire to become leader.”

Approximately 500 students across India had attend the two days fest. Taking the stage would be prominent personalities like MR. CHANDRAMOULI VENKATESAN (Author & CEO (Special Projects), Pidilite Industries) MR. RANU GUPTA (Founder & CEO, WizCounsel). DR. BINDESHWAR PATHAK (Sociologist & Founder of Sulabh International) MR. NEH SRIVASTAVA (Under Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and President, Central Secretariat Service Officers Society (CSSOS))

Mr. Neh Srivastava, Under Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and President said “I belong to a generation when things were much different from what they are now. The style has changed. The system has changed. The people have changed. But what has remained is the problems ailing our education system. And this is just a tip of the iceberg. The entire education system is so soaked up in inefficient and inferior ways of teaching, management, evaluation and regulation that if we go on talking about them, it might never end. So, let’s move away from that discussion. All of us here are well aware of the problems that lie in front of us. The focus of any good system must always be on developing leadership skills, brushing up risk taking abilities, inculcating a love for problem solving and institutionalizing a culture of free flowing conversations.”

He further added “The last two aspects might sound contradictory but are in many ways complementary. While it’s no secret that our present system incentives rote learning, that shouldn’t stop us from moving a little away from the books and blackboards to laboratories and fields”

The annual fest of The Commerce Society has always received great appreciation and overwhelming responses from the students of University of Delhi and other top Institutions of India.

THE COMMERCE SOCIETY :The Commerce Society, Shri Ram College of Commerce is one of the most eminent society of this prestigious institution, which works with a view to provide an efficacious platform of opportunities to those who have a ravenous appetite for brilliance. This vision is also backed by the college authorities by making available all the paramount academic and constructive resources, as and when required.