Siberian Federal University: Charging Station on Campus Now Part of the TrainingProcess

On 29 July 2021, the first charging station for electric vehicles started working near a training block of the Polytechnic School of Siberian Federal University. Drivers just need to register and receive a user card to use it.

Rosseti Siberia and Medved Holding Group are the partners of the Urban electric charging infrastructure development project.
The JuicePump Enel X fast charging station on campus has two 50 kW DC ports and one 22 kW AC port. It can charge two electric vehicles at the same time. A 30-40 minute charge is enough for 200 kilometres. The device is compatible with all electric vehicles on the market and complies with international standards.

“Four years ago, when we entered this market, there were only slow stations and no choice of equipment. Now the situation has changed. We received a number of foreign and Russian stations, and opened the first fast station in Krasnoyarsk. I would like to emphasize that this is not a commercial, but a social project of the energy company, which has nothing to do with its core business,” commented Dmitry Sosedkin, chief expert of the Customer Relations Department of Rosseti Siberia PJSC.

According to the experts, the number of electric cars is growing by 50-60% every year in Krasnoyarsk Territory. The new recharging stations will serve to charge electric vehicles of Krasnoyarsk residents and will be included in the training process for the transport degree programs. The Polytechnic School has a Higher School of Automotive Service, a joint project of Siberian Federal University and Medved Holding, so the station has already become relevant for the students who will study the engineering and technology of electric transport in a separate block.

“The Higher School of Automotive Service project is almost five years old, we have already graduated the first specialists in electric vehicles. It is not enough just to sell electric cars and build recharging stations. We need a joint development plan, which we are implementing taking into account the signed agreement with Rosseti Siberia and Siberian Federal University. Car enthusiasts should not have any concerns about the maintenance of these cars since the number of brands with an electric engine is growing every year,” commented Viktor Ashikhmin, executive officer of Medved Holding and lecturer at the Higher School of Automotive Service.

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