Siberian Federal University: Dormitories for all Non-Resident Applicants

In 2021, Siberian Federal University will provide dormitories for all non-resident applicants, including state-funded and fee-paid students. It has become possible due to a significant increase in housing stock and renovation of the campus for the World Winter Universiade 2019.

More than 4500 places have been allocated this year for first-year students in apartment- and corridor–type dormitories. Today the campus has 30 dormitories, most of which were built after 2010. The cost of living varies from 710 to 1256 roubles per month depending on the dormitory type. Rooms in new dormitories are equipped with furniture and all necessary household appliances, such as stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines. Each room has its own bathroom and a kitchen. Inside the dormitories, there are grocery stores, gyms, studying and resting areas.

In case of providing accommodation for all non-residents, there might be the provision of student housing for Krasnoyarsk students with poor living conditions.
The SibFU campus is a city within a city. A multifunctional space for study, sports and recreation has been created here. Each of the three SibFU locations have sports grounds with outdoor exercise equipment, football pitches, volleyball and basketball courts with artificial turf, swimming pools, and amphitheatres with sun loungers for gathering and holding cultural and educational meetings.
The campus also has a Medical Center. This new medical clinic was built for the World Winter Universiade 2019, and later it was transferred to the SibFU’s students and staff.

SibFU is currently building three more dormitories, called the University Complex. It will be commissioned in 2022 and add 1,328 places to the housing stock. Students and staff can apply documents to SibFU online through the AIS Applicant, Gosuslugi portal, via mail or in person at the university (Krasnoyarsk, 79, pr. Svobodny (Library building), pr. Krasnoyarsky Rabochy, 95).

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