Siberian Federal University: International Students Completed an Intensive Russian language Course at SibFU

The annual International Russian Language Summer School was held at the School of Philology and Language Communication and received 35 students from Spain, Italy, China, Iran, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The students had their classes within two weeks, from 11 to 23 July 2022.

This was the 12th time when SibFU holds the International Russian Language Summer School. This year the classes were organized by the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language and the Spanish Language Centre in a mixed mode — lectures, workshops and seminars were both face-to-face and online. Excursions to museums were organized together with the administration of Krasnoyarsk.

The Summer School has traditionally become a platform for the practice of students who study Spanish at the School of Philology and Language Communication. Young translators helped with organizing and conducting excursions for school participants and visited the G.V. Yudin Estate Museum, the V.I. Surikov Estate Museum and V.P. Astafiev Memorial Complex.

“The International Russian Language Summer School is a tradition that we are happy to continue this year. The School often becomes the first acquaintance with university for freshmen. After that, they gladly join other educational programs at SibFU. I would like to note that senior students take part in the work of the School. Thus, international students, who have just come to us, can build up communication with already adapted guys straightaway,” explains Olga Gevel, head of the Spanish Language Centre.

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