Siberian Federal University: Mediapoligon-2021: rehearsal of the Higher School of Media at SibFU

Mediapolygon: Scenario of the Year federal educational project will be held from 6 to 10 December 2021 in Krasnoyarsk, Belgorod and Moscow. The project consists of an educational program including lectures, master classes and a communication game, and practical work.

The project’s finale will be a media product in real time – text, video or podcast by the participants, and will become an online series on the results of the outgoing year.

One of the organizers and ideologists of Mediapolygon, Konstantin Milchin (Storytel editor-in-chief, literary critic and journalist), speaking to the participants in Krasnoyarsk, noted: “This project is not so much training, but more like an exchange of experience in order to get out of the ossified jar in which journalists are brewing and an attempt to look at our own materials with different eyes – from a different generation, from a different environment, from a different region. After all, Mediapolygons were held in 19 cities, including in other countries (in Armenia and Belarus), and it is incredibly interesting to find out how journalism works there. We don’t come to teach – we are mutually enriching.”

Alisa Plyukhina, the coordinator of the Mediapolygon program: “The whole program is structured so that the participants understand how to make their story as lively and cinematic as possible, while keeping it real. What will the participants get, besides the experience? We have provided various prizes for them, including an agreement for 100 thousand roubles for preparing a publication for the Reporter magazine – for those who can finalize their story and publish it. There will also be an opportunity to undergo an internship in the Reporter and Kholod magazines.
One of the tasks of Mediapolygon is the continuation of interaction. We want the guys who came to this media school today to become the organizers of our projects here in the field in the future. And of course, we would like to continue to cooperate with SibFU because the participants are perfectly qualified here: a general level of SibFU’s students is already higher than that of people who graduated five years ago.”

Ilya Zaitsev, head of the Center for the Development of New Media Practices of Siberian Federal University: “This is an important and necessary event for all of those who are interested in modern media technologies. For the Higher School of Media, this is, in fact, a rehearsal of an important educational approach – media intensive, when in a short period students and journalists can study modern technologies, master them and get feedback from leading federal experts. The start of such intensive courses is planned for the first quarter of next year.”

Of great interest for those who want to try their hand at video blogging, of course, is the RUTUBE platform, which is now rapidly changing. Project newsmaker Ivan Lykasov, creative marketing producer at RUTUBE, spoke about the promotion of copyright content and the new features of this site:

“RUTUBE today is a social elevator. If you go to YouTube, you immediately find yourself in a very competitive environment. RUTUBE have not got such an environment yet, and in six months on the platform you can occupy your niche, and in addition, receive funding from us, assistance in filming and, in general, any help that is required. We provide the opportunity to study in the position that you choose for yourself as part of creating your content. RUTUBE has big ambitious plans in this regard”.