Siberian Federal University: More and more foreigners to take part in the Internet Olympiad in Russian

The XII International Student Internet Olympiad in Russian has finished at the School of Philology and Language Communication, Siberian Federal University. It took place from 19 to 22 February 2021 and was attended by students from Russian and foreign universities.

The Internet Olympiad became a platform for a competition of 122 students in the humanities, 60 students of non-humanitarian areas and 85 international students. The organizers note that the number of foreign participants is growing every year. In 2021, students from Great Britain, Uzbekistan, Myanmar have joined it.

“The mission of the Olympiad is to popularize the Russian language, and, as we can see, it does an excellent job: 156 people took part in 2020, this year we had 267. We associate the increase in the number of foreign participants with the fact that this year at our school held a course of the Russian language for international students, many of them decided to try their hand,” said Tamara Zhuravel. “Every time we involve all the creative potential of the departments of the school for the development of the Olympiad tasks, we want them to be interesting so that students learn something new. For example, this year, we proposed students of the humanities to consider the pros and cons of feminitive formation. Science students tried to transform a recipe into a mathematical formula.”

The Internet Olympiad in Russian is traditionally timed to coincide with International Mother Tongue Day. Its goal is to draw the attention of students to the Russian language. It was organized in three directions: for humanities students, for those who study in non-humanitarian areas and for foreigners.

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