Siberian Federal University Opens Summer University

An online press conference dedicated to a launch of the SUMMER UNIVERSITY 2021 project was held on June 28, 2021. Rectors of participating universities talked about the program prepared by the Russian side for the project participants from the Republic of Belarus.

Maksim Rumiantsev, rector of Siberian Federal University, spoke on behalf of Siberian Federal District.

SUMMER UNIVERSITY 2021 is a large-scale project for students from the Republic of Belarus. Twelve Russian universities in seven federal districts from Kaliningrad to the Far East will enroll 675 students from the Republic of Belarus. The program will take place from 4 to 18 July 2021. Along with the leading universities in Russia, SibFU acts as a host university and offers Belarusian participants a training course in management: Global Entrepreneurship in Real and Virtual Space: Digital Business Models.

According to Maksim Rumiantsev, the topic is undoubtedly relevant because digitalization is a challenge for the economies of different countries.

“It is not a coincidence that our university has chosen this direction and topic. First of all, over the last five years, SibFU has extensive experience in organizing such events: we have hosted five international schools dedicated specifically to global entrepreneurship and digital transformation where more than 100 students from Europe, the Eastern and CIS countries took part. This experience convinced us that the topic would also be interesting to the guys from the Republic of Belarus. Another justification in favor of Management is the fact that in 2021 three educational programs of Siberian Federal University entered the top of the national ranking of the best entrepreneurship programs in Russia,” said the rector of SibFU.

The SUMMER UNIVERSITY 2021 project is to strengthen ties between student communities of Russia and Belarus and raise the professional level of the youth of the partner state. Leading Russian universities have prepared unique educational programs for Belarusian students. According to Dr. Rumiantsev, the educational program at SibFU is an intensive training course with interactive lectures, acquaintance with progressive business projects, meetings with Russian top speakers, entrepreneurs, and representatives of the city and regional administration.

It is important to note that the SUMMER UNIVERSITY is not only an educational track but also a rich additional program that will help the mutual cultural exchange of the sister states. In addition to the training component, we have prepared an exciting leisure program for guests from the Republic of Belarus: excursions, quests, festivals and much more.

“I am sure that our campus will also be unforgettable for Belarusian students. This is the pride of SibFU. We tried to build it as an open platform that is friendly not only to our students but also to external consumers of the university’s services and even just residents and guests of the city,” the rector of SibFU emphasized.

SibFU is open and friendly to strengthening and expanding ties with the Republic of Belarus: professors give lectures and conduct practical classes at the Belarusian State University, Siberian Federal University and BELAZ OJSC (Belarus) and its dealer Krasnoyarsk-BelazService, signed a trilateral Collaboration Agreement, which opened the doors for specialized BELAZ audience. And in previous winter, SibFU took part in the Education and Career international specialized exhibition of educational services in Minsk where the university presented its schools’ training opportunities. This is especially important in the context of the changed conditions of admission of applicants from Belarus: this summer, Belarusian applicants will be able to enter Russian universities not only based on the results of Unified State Exam, as it was before, but also on the basis of centralized testing.

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