Siberian Federal University: Professional retraining for indigenous peoples

Representatives of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North will get professional retraining in jurisprudence in the legal regulation of the use and protection of mineral resources, forests, waters, lands and wildlife.

Free online–course Legal Foundations of Traditional Nature Management is available on SNOWORD digital educational platform.

The course involves immersion in the basics of natural resource legislation, including the peculiarities of specific natural resources use by indigenous minorities. According to the developers, the course contains information about the state guarantees of the indigenous peoples of the North, which determine the legal possibilities for using natural resources. The course focuses on the legal responsibility measures that occur in case of not meeting the regulations for the natural resources management.

“The topic of the course is highly relevant for indigenous peoples, as it is one of the priority areas of the current agenda of the Russian Federation since the state is interested in the traditional economy of the indigenous peoples of the Arctic to be profitable, create jobs, ensure local food security and be an effective element of the Arctic economy. Upon the course completion, the students will receive new legal knowledge, which will allow them to be a law-abiding user of nature”, said Daria Fitsai, the author of the course, senior lecturer of Law School.

The Northern (Arctic) Federal University examined and approved the course. Experts note the high relevance of the course because higher governmental authorities discuss the issues of environmental management of indigenous peoples, as well as the stimulation of their economic activity.

“The online training course is recommended for everyone from students to representatives of the indigenous communities of the Russian Arctic and, no doubt, meets the current requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard in the field of higher education. Among the advantages of the course are the relevance of the topic and focus on traditional environmental management, which is directly related to the traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples. The overall impression of the course is positive. It complies with the current regulatory legal framework, has textual, audiovisual content, the material is presented in an accessible form, the desired result and project goals are likely to be achieved”, said Konstantin Zaykov, professor of Northern (Artic) Federal University.

Representatives of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North with a higher education or fourth-year bachelor’s degree students can enroll in the course. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate of professional retraining. is an educational platform of Siberian Federal University, which offers high-quality education for representatives of the indigenous small–numbered peoples of the North who study their native language and culture. The training takes place within the framework of the state program of support for representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation.

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