Siberian Federal University: Representatives of the Indigenous Peoples of the North are invited to undergo Free Distance Training at SibFU

Siberian Federal University joined the state program aimed at providing social support to the indigenous peoples of the North and has launched an educational platform with free online courses for representatives of the indigenous peoples.

Online courses are hosted on, so people can subscribe from anywhere in the country. The target audience of the project is representatives of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North who strive to be as useful as possible for their native communities.

Students of 10-11 grades can enroll in pre-university training programs in all subjects of the Unified State Exam (USE) and a number of subjects that are designed to provide modern competencies and contribute to social adaptation.

University students and graduates studying the languages and culture of the indigenous peoples of the North will be able to master innovative programs of additional professional education and receive specialization in the fields of health care, engineering, law, social work, forestry, agriculture, and pedagogy.

“The new educational platform was created as part of a federal project on behalf of President Vladimir Putin. The organizer of the educational process is the School of the North and the Arctic of Siberian Federal University. Pre-university training will be carried out on the basis of the International Northern School of the School of the North and the Arctic, and training under the PRP programs will be carried out on the basis of the ARCTIC International Business School. We invite representatives of indigenous small-numbered peoples, first of all, those who study their native languages and culture, living in remote settlements, whose families are engaged in traditional farming. High school students will be able to increase their chances of admission to higher and secondary educational institutions. Those who enroll in the PRP programs will receive additional specialization, which is in demand in the North. We are waiting for everyone who loves the North, the Arctic and is ready to improve their educational and professional level,” said Natalia Koptseva, acting head for education of the School of the North and the Arctic and acting director of the International Northern School.