Siberian Federal University: Sber and SibFU Announce the Start of a New Stage of Digital Transformation

SberBank starts innovative digital services on the territory of the university, including cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, big data, system integration, cybersecurity, mobile applications, financial technologies, and monitoring systems.

The agreement also envisages a coworking space at SibFU for conferences, sessions and meetings regarding artificial intelligence, blockchain, risk management, etc. Students, staff of the university will be provided with access to the library, virtual school and educational programs on the basis of the corporate university of SberBank. The parties plan to hold seminars and workshops on augmented reality, graphics, technological entrepreneurship of lecturers with the participation of the bank’s speakers.

“The subject of the signed agreement is interaction in the field of digital technologies. This cooperation has a very good and solid foundation. Together with SberBank, we are implementing a campus project to create digital services on the SibFU campus, and a year ago we presented the next stage of the SMART CAMPUS project, a distinctive feature of which is the use of face recognition technology at the entrance to one of the university’s buildings. The implementation of this project became possible thanks to a similar agreement signed also at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, but back in 2018. The new agreement presupposes the development of the next line of innovative digital services,” said rector of Siberian Federal University Maksim Rumiantsev.

Dmitry Solntsev, deputy chairman of the Siberian bank, manager of the Krasnoyarsk branch of SberBank: “Today we discuss with SibFU a number of matters related to digital solutions, the launch of new technologies in the university’s infrastructure and approaches to the educational process. Education is one of the most important industries where SberBank ecosystem offers its developments and technological approaches. I would like to note that our partner SibFU participates in all joint events, tests our products, and together with our speakers, organizes digital lectures for students.”