Siberian Federal University: School of Space and Information Technology hosts a conference on informatization of education and e-learning methods

On 21 September, 2021, the 5th International Scientific Conference on Informatization of Education and E-Learning Methods: Digital Technologies in Education began at the School of Space and Information Technologies, SibFU.

Russian experts and their colleagues from Belarus, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Lebanon gathered to discuss key issues of introducing digital technologies into the educational process of schools and universities. The conference covers a wide range of relevant topics, starting from the historical prerequisites of informatization of education to the use of technology of augmented virtuality in teaching. The founder of the conference is Mikhail Noskov, professor of the School of Space and Information Technology.

«I attend this conference for the second time, and again this event impressed me with the deeply worked out speeches and high professionalism of the speakers, whose interest and high level attract my attention above all. Being a Candidate of Science in Physics and Mathematics and a Doctor of Science in Education, I believe that the informatization and digitalization of higher education should be discussed as broadly as possible. It is necessary to develop new strategies for integrating modern technologies into fundamental disciplines. You cannot teach, say, applied mathematics apart from information technology in the 21st century. Our task, both at Belarusian and Russian universities, is to form new sustainable competencies in students to make the mutual penetration of new technologies and traditional science natural and familiar to them», said Natalia Brovka, head of the Function Theory Department, Belarusian State University.

The conference will discuss the teaching methodology and the development of digital doubles of production systems on the digitalization of education as an educational process, as well as approaches to the implementation of innovations in education, and their technological and methodological aspects. Speakers will debate informatization of methodological learning systems in the subject area, digital diagnostics, digital renewal models in schools and many other issues.

«It should be noted that from year to year this conference is growing and developing, the geography of its participants is expanding. I hope that next year colleagues from Asian universities, in particular from China, will join us. Taking part in monitoring digitalization in Russian education, I would like to note that the gap between different schools and universities is impressive now. The digital renewal of the school is going on in stages, and it is based not only on the hardware of modern digital technology. It is also the renewed thinking of educators and students, their well-being in the context of the informatization of education. A very small part of Russian schools are now at a high level of digitalization of knowledge, but we can change this trend», noted Aleksandr Uvarov, professor of Higher School of Economics, leading researcher of the Federal Research Center for Informatics and Control, Russian Academy of Sciences.