Siberian Federal University: Science Day in Russia

On 8 February, the Russian scientific community celebrates its professional holiday — the Day of Russian Science. The festival was established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 1999.

“Science Day, like any professional holiday, is an occasion to tell like-minded people that you appreciate their work and rejoice at their professional successes. Scientists of Siberian Federal University work in a variety of scientific fields, in many of them we hold leading positions in the region, the country and even in the world,” said Maksim Rumiantsev, rector of SibFU. “I am sure that the university’s victory in the competition for obtaining a world-class REC and entering the Priority 2030 program will allow us to achieve new successes.”

Five facts about SibFU’s scientists (data for 2021)

received 109 grants for fundamental and applied research
completed research and R&D for 803 million roubles
received a grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia to create a Technology Transfer Centre
created the regional Scientific and educational Mathematical Centre of Eastern Siberia
completed 450 scientific projects.
Science is the names of scientists, after whom the units of measurement of certain indicators were later named. Science is a theory and practice that refute or confirm each other. Science means months and years of meticulous work in order to advance the progress of human thought one step further. And yet, science is beautiful. We managed to see a little of this beauty in the work of SibFU scientists. Happy Science Day!

SibFU scientists are not only outstanding researchers but also interesting interlocutors — read the best interviews with SibFU scientists according to the readers of Сибирский форум. Интеллектуальный диалог newspaper (Siberian Forum. Intellectual Dialogue) at СФУ Научный popular science portal of SibFU.

By the way, New University Life, another SibFU’s newspaper has updated the design of the online version for the Day of Science.

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