Siberian Federal University: Siberian Federal University awards the laureates of the Osamu Shimomura Foundation Prize

On 4 July 2022, SibFU’s Academic Council held Osamu Shimomura Foundation awarding – ten young researches became laureates of the award For the Contribution in the Field of Bioluminescence.

The awarded students of the School of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology are:

Maxim Efremov for work “Preparation and properties of nanoluc luciferase as a reporter for in vitro molecular analysis”
Eva Arnst for work “Investigation of thermal inactivation of bacterial luciferases in the presence of sucrose”
Polina Stepanova for work “Methods of varying the sensitivity of the bioluminescent enzyme system of luminous bacteria to the action of toxic substances”
Anna Sergina for work “Investigation of substrate specificity of LuxD thioesterase of bioluminescent bacteria by molecular docking methods”
Azhar Alamanova for work “The effect of substrates on the activity of the bioenzyme system of luminous bacteria during their joint immobilization”.
Additionally, the prizes were awarded to schoolchildren who are engaged in future-oriented research:

Alexandra Kurilova, the Regional Model Centre for Additional Education of Children of the Khanty-Mansy Autonomous Area — Yugra (Surgut State University), for work “Assessment of the state of the regional power station reservoir on the Chyornaya River”
Andris Dudkevich, School № 153, for work “Assessment of soil pollution using biotesting methods”
Kristina Belova , School of Physics and Mathematics (SibFU), for work “The degree of integral toxicity of thawed snow, determined by the bioluminescent analysis”
Tamara Mukhomedyanova, School of Physics and Mathematics (SibFU) for work “Selection of conditions for conducting microbiological bioluminescent analysis of the air environment in the premises of the School of Physics and Mathematics of SibFU”
Vasiliy Ivanchenko, School No. 10, for work “Bioluminescent testing of tap water of Krasnoyarsk”.
“Awarding the laureates of the Osamu Shimomura Foundation Award is once again confirms that large projects at our university do not end. Osamu Shimomura, a world famous scientist, headed a laboratory launched at SibFU as a part of the Megagrant program. He gave his salary to the university, offering to use it for the development of research on bioluminescence, and we created the Foundation that provides support for young scientists, postgraduate students and undergraduate students and the schoolchildren for their contribution to this science. It is great that this project develops successfully, I am proud that we have young colleagues who we can honour for their achievements,” said rector of SibFU Maxim Rumyantsev.

Osamu Shimomura was a Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry. Osamu Shimomura Foundation was founded at SibFU in April 2015 and it supports and promotes promising theoretical and applied research in the field of bioluminescence. Chairman of the Foundation’s Board is Joseph Gitelzon, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.