Siberian Federal University: Siberian Federal University cooperates with The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

On 15 November 2021, Siberian Federal University signed a cooperation agreement with The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (Oslo, Norway).

Within the framework of cooperation, the parties are planning to develop academic exchange programs, joint work on projects of sustainable architectural objects, and will discuss prospects for the participation of both parties in joint events.

Students and staff of Siberian Federal University regularly take part in scientific and educational events held in Norway, and, in turn, Norwegian colleagues take part in the events organized by Siberian Federal University. The points of contact of interests of representatives of science from Russia and Norway lay in various fields: from the study of DNA to the creation of highly environmentally friendly architectural projects.

“We sincerely believe in knowledge exchange and academic mobility between our countries. I hope that in alliance with SibFU we will be able to organize these processes and extend them to both staff and students. Russia and Norway are neighbors, we face common problems in the Arctic, and this is another reason why it is worth working together,” said Ole Gustavsen, rector of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Ole Gustavsen is also a head of the International Arctic Academy of Architecture (AAA) and is an executive director of the SONHETTA architecture company, which is internationally renowned for its projects, including the pavilion of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York, the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin, the Shanghai Grand Opera House, and other.

“SibFU is a large university that includes 22 schools. I believe that this cooperation will be especially interesting for our School of Architecture and Design and School of Civil Engineering. We see the university as a platform for experimental creativity, where students engaged in urban studies can form ideas into projects and present their developments to the public. Here, in the future, our joint work with our Norwegian colleagues may also be presented as a result of productive cooperation. It would be really interesting,” said SibFU rector Maksim Rumiantsev.

In addition to various formats of cooperation, the meeting discussed the prospects for the architectural profession in the modern world, the specifics of architectural education and the possibility of its convergence with practice and market requirements.

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