Siberian Federal University: SibFU and Russian Hydrogen – joint developments in the field of hydrogen technology

SIDERA Centre – an intersectoral research and production centre for innovative technologies – has been opened at the School of Natural Gas and Petroleum Engineering, SibFU. On its basis, the School’s specialists and Russian Hydrogen’s experts introduce hydrogen technologies in various industries, develop power electronics, and work on increasing the profitability of oil and gas fields.

The centre has already got working prototypes of hydrogen power systems of their own design, which allow doubling the mileage of an electric car (about 1000 km). The collaboration plans include technological improvement of the existing developments of the company jointly with the university and subsequent mass production. Currently, they are working on modifications of light duty and passenger electric vehicles with hydrogen power systems.

The School of Natural Gas and Petroleum Engineering has always been active in research in the field of fuel improvement. Many companies specializing in the extraction of hydrocarbons are already engaged in their developments in this area. That is, the oil and gas industry, oddly enough, is very interested in the development and implementation of hydrogen technologies. As for the use of installations on this type of fuel, now a development of a Russian vehicle that will be equipped with such a power system is under way,” Roman Ayupov, director of the ISchool of Natural Gas and Petroleum Engineering, SibFU, said about the project.

There are several more projects in the plans: fuel cells (electrochemical generators) of various capacities, hydrogen generators using various raw materials, hydrogen filling stations, an electric semi-trailer truck and a fuel cell bus. In addition, the centre is developing software, including a vehicle autopilot system and a road surface monitoring system.

Russian Hydrogen company is engaged in research and development of advanced technologies related to fuel cells and hydrogen, and the introduction of these technologies in industry, transport, and urban infrastructure.

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