Siberian Federal University: SibFU and Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz launch a joint educational project

The School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering of Siberian Federal University has opened a unique educational project on System for the Development of Professional Competencies. It was the result of cooperation between Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz company and the School, and is aimed at obtaining additional professional competencies for students and attracting them to work at the enterprise.

The idea of a joint project for training of a personnel pool emerged in 2020. The main task is to prepare future specialists to work in the oil and gas fields of the Evenk region, the specificity of which lies not only in the peculiarities of the climate, but also in geology: the average age of the Riphean dolomite rocks is from 700 million to 1 billion years, and there is no sufficient experience in their development anywhere in the world.

During the year, experts from the School and employees of the oil company developed a curriculum and, and selected 20 project pioneers from among the School students based on their academic performance, participation in specialized competitions, conferences, olympiads, as well as personal qualities as dedication, initiative, and leadership

The project manager Fyodor Buryukin notes: “The project has been developing at lightning speed. The secret ingredient was well-coordinated work, which help us make the decisions quickly. And that’s what we teach our students too. Well-coordinated work is a very important skill for anyone looking to get into the oil industry. Moreover, we train specialists on request, to work at a specific field.”

To start the project, the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering hosted a meeting of the management of Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz with the program participants where the students talked about their first internship at the Kuyumbinskoye field, their curricula, and shared their expectations from the project.

“The Kuyumbinskoye field employs the most advanced production technologies, and we intend to move further towards digital development. You can help us in this, because you are young, you have a new way of thinking, the future of the industry belongs to you,” said first deputy general director for production, chief engineer Alexander Grebenyuk.

“It’s not a secret for anyone that after training, the question of employment will arise. The university gives theoretical knowledge, and field means practice. This will be a great advantage after graduation. For example, we do not have a project management course in our program, but here we will learn this,” shared 3rd year student Oleg Katovsky.

The System for the Development of Professional Competencies project is part of the company’s systematic work to create jobs for residents of the region.

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