Siberian Federal University: SibFU celebrates the International Day of University Sport

On 17–18 September 2021, Siberian Federal University held large–scale celebrations dedicated to the International Day of University Sport. More than 3.5 thousand students and citizens took part in the event.

The first day of the celebration was a discussion day, as the university held a round table on the development of student sports in Krasnoyarsk Territory and Russia with representatives of sports federations and associations of student clubs in various sports participating. SibFU was represented by Ekaterina Sidorenko, vice-rector for youth policy, Alexander Bliznevsky, director of the School of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism, and Nikolai Zheleznov, head of the sports club.

In addition, on 17 September, the university held the Dialogue of Equals, where the students met with athletes who have made Krasnoyarsk famous, among them Yulia Zykova, medalist of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo in shooting, Bayzat Khamidova, participant of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo in rugby, Olga Medvedtseva, two-time Olympic champion in biathlon, and Marina Vyatkina, winner and medalist of the 2019 Winter Universiade.

The students were interested in how the champions came to the sport, how they motivate themselves to win, how they experience ups and downs in their career. The Dialogue of Equals was organised by Gagarin cultural station within the framework of the Education national project.

«Whatever you do, if you really want it, you will definitely succeed. Luck loves the patient,» Olga Medvedtseva, two–time Olympic champion, shared with the students.

«Do what you really love, and try to commit yourself to it completely. Your success is only in your hands,» added Yulia Zykova, medalist of 2020 Summer Olympics.

The second day of the celebration (18 September) was held in the format of a sports tournament. Playgrounds for golf, mini-volleyball, mini ping-pong and darts were placed on the territory of Raduga multifunctional sports complex. In the sports complex, people could compete in squash and rock climbing. In total, Krasnoyarsk universities and sports federations organized 13 sport sites.
As part of the celebration, the university held the sports stage of the traditional First-year Cup of SibFU. Freshmen from all schools competed in Quidditch. The School of Business Management took the first place.

The participants were welcomed by Sergei Eremin, mayor of Krasnoyarsk, and Roman Shorokhov, vice-rector of SibFU.

«Such cool students we have in Krasnoyarsk. Cheerful, creative, with their own ambitions. Today, these cool guys organised a big sports day in Raduga complex. There were a lot of unexpected and surprising things. Even a little bit of Harry Potter magic, a Quidditch game, was here. I watched it for the first time, just got to the hot final. And it gave me a good laugh, I was amazed at the excitement and self-irony of our students!» noted Sergey Eremin, mayor of Krasnoyarsk.

At the end of the day, a charity race for 5 kilometres took place with the support of the Krasmarafon. 331 people participated in it, while the total number of applications was over 500.

We should add that on September 18, a chairlift to Sopka sports complex was tested. It worked for students and citizens in honour of the day. The full opening of the chairlift is planned for the end of September.

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