Siberian Federal University: SibFU Hits THE Life Sciences Subject Ranking

Siberian Federal University is included in two subject rankings according to the analysis of Times Higher Education British magazine. The university entered the Life Sciences subject ranking for the first time and gained a foothold in the Physical Sciences ranking.

Thus, according to the study of THE, SibFU entered 501–600 group in the Life Sciences subject ranking among the world universities and the 10th place in Russia.

The ranking highlights the universities leading across the following disciplines: agriculture and forestry, biological sciences, veterinary medicine and sports sciences. This year’s top-list includes 972 universities.

In addition, SibFU has maintained its position in the Physical Sciences subject ranking and entered the 601–800 list among the universities in the world (20th place in the country). Within this field, 1227 universities were ranked, which is the most significant amount. The study considers the activities of universities in the following disciplines: mathematics and statistics, physics and astronomy, chemistry, geology, environmental sciences, and Earth and marine sciences.

To participate in the subject ranking, universities should overcome specific threshold values for the number of publications in a given scientific area and the share or number of teaching staff working in a particular area. Each subject ranking has its own threshold values.
The subject rankings of TNE WUR assess universities according to the same 13 indicators as in the overall world ranking. However, the values of the weighting coefficients of the indicators vary depending on the subject area of the ranking.

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