Siberian Federal University: SibFU scientists have won grants from the Russian Science Foundation

The Russian Science Foundation announced the results of the 2022 competition for grants in the priority area of Conducting fundamental scientific research and exploratory scientific research by individual scientific groups. RSF grants will support 4 projects of Siberian Federal University.

Thus, under the guidance of Sergey Zharkov, professor of the SibFU’s Polytechnic School, Fundamental foundations for the creation of promising functional nanomaterials project will be launched in 2022. Under the guidance of the acting Director of the School of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology, Professor Vladimir Shishov — the project Influence of modern Arctic “blackout” on the growth of woody plants in the boreal zone: solution of the conceptual problem of “Divergence” in global forest ecology.

Another project that will be supported by a grant is Dendrogenomic Study of the Adaptation of Siberian Cedar in the Western Sayan to Extreme Environmental Factors. A separate scientific group will be headed by the honorary professor of Siberian Federal University, head of the laboratory of forest genomics Konstantin Krutovsky.

The fourth of the winning projects is The evolution of the structure of high-strength aluminum alloys of the Al-Zn-Mg (Ni, Fe, Ca) system obtained using electromagnetic casting technology, the leader is the head of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Polytechnic School, professor Viktor Timofeev.

In total, 850 projects planned for implementation in 2022-2024 were supported within the framework of the competition, followed by a possible extension of the deadline for one or two years. The amount of one RSF grant is from 4 to 7 million rubles annually.

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