Siberian Federal University: SibFU to launch a unique program developed in conjunction with HackerU — Israel’s Premier Cybersecurity Institute

Siberian Federal University will launch the first professional retraining program Penetration Testing Specialist beyond the Urals.

This program was developed jointly with the Digital Skill and Cybersecurity Institute (HackerU) and it enables you to gain practical skills in finding vulnerabilities in web applications and protecting IT infrastructures.

According to Denis Guts, the SibFU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, penetration testing specialists are in high demand in the labor market.

“Medium — and large-sized enterprises regularly publish their vacancies and make job offers to specialists in this field. In 2020, the growth of interest in IT security and automation specialists was significant due to the pandemic. The key request from companies seeking out penetration testing specialists is the protection of sources and data to prevent financial fraud, ” said Denis Guts, the SibFU Vice–Rector for Academic Affairs.

The professional retraining program Penetration Testing Specialist will provide an understanding of the processes that take place in IT infrastructures of companies at the intersection of programming, information security, cybersecurity and penetration testing. Students will get a new profession in the information security field. They will learn how to test IT infrastructure for penetration, perform security analysis of mobile applications code, and use software tools for social engineering attacks.

The professional retraining will be held on the basis of SibFU’s School of Space and Information Technologies. Classes will take place using distance learning technologies. They will be conducted by both the School of Space and Information Technologies professors and ‘Vyshtech’ specialists.

The university expects the course to be attended by students and graduates of universities who are somehow related to IT: they have experience in development, administration or programming.

The launch of the online professional retraining program is scheduled for October 2021. The duration of training is 9 months. There are only 25 places for this program.

About partner:
HackerU is recognized as the best cybersecurity school in Israel. Its training programs are developed taking into account the educational experience accumulated in 13 countries over two decades. The core of the expertise is the global experience of Israel – a leader in the fight against cybercrime.

An important feature of educational programs is the ability to monetize the knowledge gained. The programs are based on working tools, real cases and a lot of practice. Simulators and immersion teaching strategies. The programs are aimed at meeting needs of companies and requirements of the market, which provides graduates with a high income and demand. Currently, there are more than 80 000 graduates.

HackerU is proud of its own software development center and cyber services, as well as of its 1600 partners — the TOP players in the industry.

Company credo: «We do not just follow the trends in IT sphere, but start them together with our partners».

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