Siberian Federal University: SibFU will discuss ways to reduce anthropogenic impact on nature


The second educational workshop, titled The Practice of Creating and Developing Carbon Grounds and Related Climate Projects: HR, Technologies, Equipment. New opportunities has been launched at Siberian Federal University. It will continue until August 30, 2022. During this time, scientists will discuss and develop new ways to reduce carbon emissions.

“I want to thank the organizers, SibFU and TSU, who have established themselves as leaders of the climate agenda. Siberian Federal University has a climate research and educational center, and one of the first carbon grounds in the country has been opened in Tyumen. This means that the workshop is going to be fruitful,” said in his address to the participants Anton Shashkin, advisor to the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia, Secretary of the Carbon Landfills Council under the Ministry of Education and Science.

Experts will have to find out how the prospects for low-carbon development and a change in the energy system will affect the regions, as well as how traditional industrial sectors will change. The participants will try to solve the problem of the implementation of climate projects in the current global situation, and availability of international markets and partnerships in the new conditions.

“SibFU unites many industrial campaigns in the region, so we have a lot of experience working with the environmental agenda. In addition to the climate research center, we also have a strategic project related to research and reducing the carbon impact in the Priority 2030 program,” said Maksim Rumiantsev, rector of SibFU.

“The workshop was conceived back in 2021. We want to create a platform where all participants of environmental projects can coordinate their positions. There is even a plan to create a consortium dedicated to the carbon agenda. And if everything goes as planned, then a corresponding agreement will be signed this week as part of this event. By the way, China is already interested in such projects, so the consortium can become international,” said Andrey Latyshev, vice-rector of Tyumen State University.

At the end of the workshop the participants will present their projects to representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, government authorities, industrial companies and venture funds with the aim of establishing strategic interregional partnerships and attracting additional funding.

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