Siberian Federal University: Startup Academy Lecturers Trained in Skolkovo

The lecturers of the Startup Academy, employees of the School of Gastronomy, were trained at the Skolkovo Business School under the Practicum on Game Technology program. The Startup Academy was created as part of the Priority 2030 project and is aimed at stimulating, assisting and supporting entrepreneurial initiatives among students and employees of Siberian Federal University by creating a comprehensive infrastructure for the implementation of entrepreneurship in the form of start-ups, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

The training was held online. A rich six-day course included various master classes and consultations from practical speakers, lectures on game technology and strategic planning. As a result of the course, the team of the School of Gastronomy developed their own game about the restaurant business, in which players could work out the interaction between various market participants.

“It definitely was a busy week. And, despite the remote format, we were in the very heart of events. Our team set a goal — to do the maximum to enable students to learn from these games, and no obstacles could stop us. This format of work, of course, is an effective method of team building. We were in touch twenty-four hours a day. We said goodbye at four and met again at eight in the morning. The study of theoretical materials, practice, teamwork, the use of various online tools brought us closer to achieving the main goal. And we are not going to stop,” said Tatyana Davydenko, talent manager at the School of Gastronomy of Siberian Federal University.

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