Siberian Federal University: Students of the Summer University Visited Industrial Enterprises

Participants of the Summer University international educational project have visited the largest industrial enterprises of Krasnoyarsk. As part of the educational program, visiting students study global entrepreneurship both online and offline and the ESG transformation of the economy.

More than 50 guests from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan came to Siberian Federal University to participate in the project. The students not only immerse into management theory, but also visit leading regional enterprises where industry specialists and experts tell them about new technologies and the process of production.

On 14 July 2022, they visited Krastsvetmet Plant — one of the world’s largest producers of precious metals. Krastsvetmet produces ingots, granules, powders and chemical compounds, as well as jewellery and engineering products. The students were able to see the production facilities, how metal is cleaned and moulded, and the process of jewellery making, and learnt about the financial and corporate policy of the company.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to gain new knowledge and meet new people, as well as to get to visit another city and even another country. We study management, attend 3 lectures a day where we develop our skills, which will be useful in our work in the future. They gave us a tour along Krastsvetmet and showed us the workshop and how smelting of metals work. We also studied the introduction of digitalization of the production cycle. The plant is remarkable for having a lot of innovations and a complex security system,” — said Maxim Otsetsky, a student from Belarus.

Another point of the tour for participants was the Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter (KrAZ) – a part of the world’s largest aluminium company RUSAL – which produces 27 % of all aluminium in Russia and 1.6 % of the world. It.

“We see how rapidly the world is changing, and it is worth seeing real examples of how new practices are being introduced in unstable conditions. When we return home, we will try to apply the acquired knowledge. We went through a competitive selection before coming here, so we can say that the best students of Uzbekistan gathered at the Summer University. Each of us strives to make the world a better place,” — said Kamilla Turabayeva, a student at Tashkent State University of Economics.

The participants of the SibFU’s educational platform note that the experience of interaction with highly qualified specialists gained here will be an important milestone in their professional development.

“This is a unique opportunity for us to visit another country, and to gain knowledge from such high-qualification people. Listening to lecturers here is always interesting and pleasant. I would like to express my gratitude to them, and also to say thank you for the conditions that were arranged for us at SibFU,” — says Shokhrukh Maksudov, a student at Tashkent Institute of Finance.

The Summer University is being implemented at the initiative of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and its main goal is to familiarize foreign youth with the potential of Russian education and to create international student communities based on leading Russian universities. It will be held at the site of 14 Russian universities and will offer its participants training in more than 20 additional education programs. Social Design Accelerator will be a cross-cutting direction which will be implemented in all universities”. The program was developed at Pskov State University.

The Summer University at SibFU is organized by the School of Business Management for the second year in a row. Director of of the School Zoya Vasilyeva notes that this international project promotes cross-cultural communication.

“Over the past few days, the participants got to ride the cable car and enjoy the picturesque views from an observation deck onNikolaevskaya Sopka, visited the historical part of the city, Gremyachaya Griva eco-park, and an iconic place of our region – the hydroelectric power plant. One of the objectives of such trips is to make foreign students develop closer relations because, while spending a lot of time together, they share emotions, get unforgettable impressions, and become closer to each other. Of course, this is a difficult job to gather people of different cultural and national backgrounds. In order to get everyone better acquainted with the traditions of the countries whose representatives are the students of the Summer University, next week we are planning to hold the Festival of National Colour we are actively preparing for – the guys rehearse folk songs and dances, recall folk tales,”, said Zoya Vasilyeva.