Siberian Federal University Summarized the Results of the 2020 UN Siberian Model

On December 23, 2020, the best representatives of the UN Siberian Model were awarded at Siberian Federal University. This time, within the framework of the model, two bodies worked — the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council.

The UN model is a widespread student movement and educational program, in which hundreds of thousands of students all over the world participate. This is a business role-playing game that simulates a United Nations session. It follows the same rules as these UN meetings.

«The Siberian model of the UN is an example of a case where the game format of getting to know the most important international structure has proven itself well. It’s great that SibFU develops this format and finds new partners», Artyom Zakharov, head of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry Office in Krasnoyarsk, noted in his welcoming speech.

Tatiana Sidorova, a member of the organizing committee, head of the Department of International Law of the SibFU Law School, said that the UN Siberian model primarily has an educational mission. It stimulates the research activities of students in the field of international law and international relations, shows the application of theoretical knowledge in practice and draws the attention of students to topical issues of world politics. The working languages of the meetings were Russian and English.

«Today we are summing up the results of the Siberian model of the UN and rewarding the best who have shown their worth in public speaking, defending their point of view and participating in the discussion. This year, the pandemic made its adjustments, but thanks to the online format of the meetings, schoolchildren from Abakan and representatives of other universities in Krasnoyarsk joined us», Tatyana noted.

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