Siberian Federal University: The Project Team of Siberian Federal University has been Implementing the UniLab Project since the beginning of 2020

The consortium members are developing an effective model of the university-business interaction in terms of creating an innovative model of industrial practices and assistance in the further employment of graduates.

Over the past year, the partner countries of the project (Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan) held national seminars where participants formed hypotheses and conclusions regarding internship programs for students. The results of these discussions became a starting point for forming the models for organizing interaction between employers and the university, which will form the basis for further research in the framework of the UniLab project.

The parties also organized an online meeting of the consortium members: during two days of hard work, representatives of 12 universities from 7 countries got acquainted with the experience of European universities in organizing career services for students, discussed the role of university career centres, the business and the government in providing opportunities for the professional development of students.

Later, SibFU held Internship: Vectors of Development and Mechanisms of Interaction international online conference with the participation of students and lecturers, representatives of business and government and the media. A focus group of the forum discussed the problems of student-teacher-employer interaction during internship and the organization of student mobility to EU universities, the practices of interaction between the SibFU’s Career Center and enterprises of Krasnoyarsk Territory.

In April 2021, at Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum 2021, during the panel discussion Labor migration. How to retain the necessary competencies in the country?, head of the Career Center Svetlana Karelina presented proposals for improving the interaction between the business and universities within the framework of internships.

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