Siberian Federal University: The School of Gastronomy of SibFU signed a cooperation agreement with Simple Group

On 17 September 2021, Siberian Federal University signed a cooperation agreement with Simple Group, the leading importer of wine in Russia.

Anatoly Korneev, vice-president of Simple Group, Maksim Rumiantsev, SibFU rector, and Alexey Gorensky, director of the School of Gastronomy, took part in the event.

Simple Group is the largest national distributor and retailer, which has been developing food and wine culture and educational projects in Russia for more than 25 years. According to Alexey Gorensky, the partnership with Simple Group, a national expert in enogastronomy, will enrich the training program for students, as the school is to develop new courses in marketing and logistics.

The guests visited the School’s premises with a tour demonstrating where future chefs and managers of the hospitality industry study and practice. There were also master classes on Pan-Asian cuisine and farming from Simple Group and Pravy Bereg Group.

As part of the agreement signing ceremony, the School of Gastronomy opened a specialised auditorium for beverage management.

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